Thu 16th Azra’s Cookalong
Azra’s Cookalong
Azra’s Cookalong by Ammi’s Kitchen (a subsidiary of Family Voice)
A Nether Edge Festival Introductory Offer
Buy the ingredients and recipe to make authentic Pakistani tarka dhaal and chana pilau for 5 people! You’ll also receive a link to Azra’s video tutorial so you can see her cooking methods. The recipe includes 14 specially selected spices all in eco-friendly packaging delivered to your door.  
The packs are for 2 dishes: “Azra’s Tarka Dhaal” and “Chana Pilau Rice” and feed 5 people. You can cook them together as a full vegan meal or separately. They are even tastier when reheated for lunch the following day!
You get both dishes in the one pack for the cost price of £10, this includes delivery by one of our wonderful volunteers.
Order and pay on the Paypal link / QR code below. We will deliver your pack to the address on your paypal account on Wednesday 16th / Thursday 17th.
Please order before Wednesday 16th September 2020.
£10 Contact:
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